The Mesa Grill, a tiny shack on an otherwise abandoned lot, downtown Juneau, AK. I ordered a cheeseburger and the woman in the shack thanked me. “All day long, I cook nothing but halibut.” It was as good a burger as I’ve had, better than most and the fries were crispy and fat. I recommend it, but try the halibut.


Outdoor seating is available.


Juneau seems to be doing OK. Cruise ships still dump more than 10,000 tourists a day in town and closed businesses are few and far between, at least as revealed on my unofficial and purely random inspection. A taxi driver told me that most of the shops along the water close when tourist season ends and reopen in the late spring.




The state capitol building in Juneau four days before Sarah Palin’s resignation went into effect. You can sense the anticipation fluttering in the 50th anniversary banner.


Totem pole in front of the Governor’s Mansion. The expression shows the prevailing anxiety that the governor would change her mind.


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