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Before we go on, I’ll need to ask you a few questions. What’s your name? Where do you live – and please use your full address including apartment#, mailbox, and so on? How long have you lived there? Where did you live before that? What do you do for a living? It’s important that we gather this data so that we can tailor content to your needs and interests. And don’t worry, your information is confidential and won’t be shared with anyone. We use Assurance Value Verification┬« for your protection.

Where were we? Yes. How old are you? What kind of work do you do? Be specific. Where do you work and how long have you worked there? As you enter this data charging up my database, notice the content on your screen narrowing to exactly what you’re looking for. The algorithms are all working in the background, working hard to adjust the very information you’re reading at this moment to your specifications. That’s how good this technology is.

Are you married? Single? Both or either? Are you married, but dabbling in other relationships? Are you single and desperate for the receptionist to just notice you, just laugh at one of the humorous bon mots you casually utter twice a day when you greet her? Divorced? In a relationship? Children. How many and how old are they? Are you planning to have children? Do you need a stroller? Click here for strollers.

This is the really important part so make sure you enter everything meticulously. Remember, this is for your benefit, not mine. How much money do you earn? How much did you earn last year? How much have you accumulated over your life? What is your bank account number (include the routing number)? Which credit cards do you use? Enter the numbers, expiration dates and security codes in the appropriate spaces. Content is auto-adjusting to your needs as you read this. Again, don’t worry, we’re not one of the scores of companies whose security has been breached and you won’t become one of the many millions of individuals whose identity has been compromised.

Thanks for taking the time to register with us. You’ll be sent an e-mail confirming everything you’ve told us, with copies to everyone in your address book. And, at no cost to you, we’ve placed a marvelous invisible to you widget on your PC. It sends us information about which websites you visit, things you buy, as well as the contents of e-mails and instant messages you send and receive, all to help us serve you better.

A few weeks ago I posted an update on the economy and talked about my many interviews with ESTRADCO. Early last week ESTRADCO made me an offer and I, following 3.2 seconds of negotiation, accepted. So  the economy has improved and I am again earning a paycheck after a gap of 15 months. Civilization may still be doomed, however, I can now buy an ipod.

The YouGoGirl building on the West Side Highway shows signs of recovery. If you focus on the right side of this photo, you might notice a guy in a third floor window with what appears to be a power tool, let’s call it a drill. This building also tells us bears the starkly obvious but largely ignored message, “Cars kill.”


Further south on the West Side Highway, this building, lonely, pre-abandoned, an arboreal takeover looming behind it, pleads for someone, anyone to lease it.


Vacant lot with posters, West Side Highway.


Even further south near the World Financial Center I accidentally found the Irish Hunger Memorial when swerving to avoid a string of wide-walkers, tourists oblivious to anything not in their 3″ LCD screens. There this was, this memorial sprouting wildflowers and grasses and stone walls.




Group of protesters with Iranian flags protesting near Battery Park during the recent UN sessions.


Other protests seen but not photographed during the past week: People wanting China out of Tibet making excellent use of a bullhorn for call and response. The Transport Workers Union deployed several large inflatable rats closing several streets in the east 40s along Madison Avenue.

October 2009

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