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The Upper West Side has suddenly come alive with shops, stores, and shops, restaurants, sellers, vendors, and stores. Is this an economic revival, or merely the return of civilization?

But first, some creative signs pasted to the windows of the old Starlight Diner, and whatever it was that was next door.

On Broadway in the low ’80s, the competition for cupcake dollars intensifies:

After you’ve fattened them up, have their photos taken at Amsterdam & 79th:

Occupying what was once half of Avventura (other half still there), food grown from live organs, or perhaps organisms or organizations.

Opening tomorrow, a boutique espresso machine and pod shop moving into where recently you could buy boutique tea.

Hmmmmmm… Something(s) is (are) wrong with these signs. Can you find it (them)? Answers posted August 13, 2019.


Let us pause to critique the awning. Note the typeface distribution: left to just right of center, a sans serif. To the right, a classic serif font. Nice use of an outsized ampersand. To my eye, the effect is unbalanced with too little weight on the left, the number an almost afterthought followed by too much green space. Then suddenly pecan, bold but lowercase and completely filling the margin. Crammed in on the right: “barista & a cook, “lowercase. Kudos for including the street number. Overall, the effort shows that a hint of thought went into the design, but the end result looks too much like a first draft for any award consideration.

Scooter vs. e-bike.


For today’s photos, we used artsy filters.


West 79th St., in front of the only Chase branch for two blocks in any direction. Filene’s will have been on the northeast corner.

79th, between Broadway and Amsterdam.

Pigeons swoop dramatically across the world-famous Gateway McDonald’s Arc de Triomphe¬† in Washington Square.

…I don’t feel much lately like snapping photos of closed storefronts anymore. They’re still popping up or popping out and staying empty for a long time, too. People continue to walk by giving me the blurry person effect I like so much. I just don’t take the shot very often any longer, and when I do I often delete them. Perhaps these four disconnected images should have been deleted.

Sometimes photos make their way from the SD card onto the laptop, and from there it’s only a matter of some clicks and drags and typing and here they end up. I like the rust in the first shot.

I get a lot of junk mail and you can do whatever you want to try to stop it, but it can’t be stopped. You can impede it for awhile, but it comes back in increasing volume. Here’s a typical two- or three-day accumulation. The pile on the left is unwanted catalogs and things to be shred without being opened. The pile on the right: bills and a magazine or two. Shred, recycle, repeat. I found the prospect of the never-endingness of this cycle so dispiriting that cropping or fixing anything about the image was never a consideration.

However, I do like finding old signs faded into brick.

A bicyclist barrels down Columbus Avenue early one morning.

November 2011

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